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Addiction Services Council - 11/21/2020

The impact of addiction has a ripple effect. It begins with one individual. It spreads to their family. It deteriorates the community as a whole. Our Annual Fund Drive offers everyone the opportunity to combat addiction by providing resources to the people who need it most.

For over 72 years, Addiction Services Council has been passionately committed to healing communities by helping each person navigate lifelong recovery. Now more than ever, our communities in the Greater Cincinnati area need healing and guidance through the resources we provide to facilitate recovery from substance abuse.

And you have the opportunity to help too! Through our Annual Fund Drive, your gift of a donation ensures that we can continue to provide the critical recovery resources that our communities both need and deserve.

COVID-19 may have caused an increase in mental health struggles and substance abuse. But together, we can help others rise from their addiction! Visit the link below to learn more about how to make a donation today. You can also share our vision with others to help us spread awareness.

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