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Cuyahoga County Juvenile TASC: Catholic Charities - 9/25/2020

For National Recovery Month, we're sharing inspiring and empowering stories from our staff and clients. Today we'd like you to meet Trish, a recovery coach with Catholic Charities Summit County, who loves what she does.

"I wish the Peer Recovery Coach program would have been available when I came into the process, because you had to white knuckle it back then and figure out. 'How do I get my license back? How do I find a place to live?' Catholic Charities is the first organization I've ever worked for in this field that has things set in place to help clients overcome those things. Being a recovery coach is more than just empowering individuals and encouraging them and getting them from point A to point B. It's about helping them become self-sufficient and teaching them about the resources available in the community. And then connecting them with those resources and showing them how to use them. Over the years it's become a profession, which is really nice. It's highly acknowledged in the hospitals, doctor's office, in the community. Even the treatment centers are more onboard now, telling clients, 'We're going to give you a recovery coach.' And I think it's probably one of the best gifts that has happened to recovery, because now there's a standard with ethics under it."

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